Dreary Thursday pefect for a nap!

It's raining and dark and gloomy and sooooo not helping to motivate me at all lol! I've been out and about running errands all day. I'm waiting on some supplies to arrive before I can finish one of my bridal orders so in the mean time I'm starting the others. I've also updated my lampwork gallery a little bit I was getting tired of looking at the same sets of beads and thought I'd updated it and so I took a lot of sets down and added some of the new sets I did before getting pregnant and taking my hiatus from the torch that way once I'm back at the torch I can start filling it up with more new stuff and then switch out pictures as I see fit depending on which ones I get sick of recreating for special orders etc. that's the plan. Also I've updated my Glass Artists gallery as well. On the home front we got alot of clearing out accomplished. No more storing furniture for friends and family for us because I'm finally able to move around my basement again! woohoo! In our last house we had a really cute sun room off the back of the house and so we've been storing our wicker furniture from there for the last 4 years and it's really cute furniture and such a waste to have it sit and collect dust so our new neighbors have a wonderful sunroom off their garage and so the furniture has gone off to a new home leaving with more room up in my studio again and in the basement. Joe's been rearranging my whole work wall and my sewing machine has a nice rolling cart with a leaf to sit on it's perfect! I'm looking for a colorful slipcover for the futon since right now it's hunter green a color I personally can't stand and so i'm hoping to lighten and brighten it up since it is sooooo comfortable and I use it alot while I'm stringing jewelry orders and new creations. If you've been following my blog for a while now and remember the major makeover on my studio bathroom it's been done for quite a while now I'm just still accessorizing it. It's so pretty and bright and spa like I love it and am so glad we finally decided to re do it. We're trying to get as much done before the baby comes as we can so I think Joe is putting a new coat of stain of the front door this weekend if the weather permits, it's one of my most favorite features about the house it's a handcrafts original to the house huge solid oak round top spanish style front door that has seen a lot of wear and tear so a fresh coat of stain will be perfect. Also hoping for a new area rug in the living room since I had the brilliant idea to do an all cream color well needless to say with all the traffic through our house with our nephews and friends kids (and Joe's a bit of a clutz as well lol!) the rug is getting rolled up tonight and a new darker more fitting and forgiving rug will replace it soon. So as you can see the huge to do list just keeps getting added to as I lay awake at night trying to get comfortable lol! All this talk about work is already tiring me out lol! So I'm heading out again for some dinner with my parents but I may have a sneak peek for you later but I'm not promising anything but I'm hoping to have another new piece that I've been working on completed soon so maybe later. Have a great day!!!!


wobbeegone said…
You did all that updating on your website? Really, that's amazing!

Star*Girl said…
eh, ee, uh, cough cough um correction: Upon my nagging..er.. request LOL!!!

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