what so quiet this week?

WOW! what a week! I cannot belive it's Thursday already sorry I haven't posted much but it's been busy busy. So aside from keeping my fingers busy beading up new designs both for the storefront and the blueberry festival but I've also been filling regular orders (especially with mother's day right around the corner!) and the usual backdraft of bridal orders keeping me in constant motion.
I'm also pleased to announce that I have been offered and have accepted a position to be a regular contributor and reviewer for yet another company called NovelSpot AND because they love my BookMasters group and the idea of F2F groups as well as online book groups I have also been offered to write my own column on what else?...BOOK GROUPS! I'm really excited about it. I have my first book on it's way to me, a contemp. women's fiction (I get to pick my own books same as my other gigs which I love) so needless to say I've been tucking up in bed early for many nights now so I can meet my deadlines for all my reviews. I'll add and post a link to NovelSpot once the new sites link is complete it's pretty cool though. I'm also working on a suspense/mystery for Fictionaddiction and I just got the latest James Patterson to review for Time Warner for the Lb-Teens. Sounds like a lot and in a way it is but my deadlines range from 3-4 wks so I'm good to go and a fast reader plus I just can't resist new releases especially before the general public even get's a peek at them! Also my shoutbox is finally back up and running again! Hooray! what else? what else? I feel like I'm forgetting to mention things. Oh! The contest page is now updated so go vote and enter the drawing!

Also with Mother's Day right around the corner here's the perfect gift. Custom Heirloom Mother's name bracelets! I've already got my special little bun's name blocks and crystals and sterling silver pieces picked out. I'm excited to get together with some beady friends to make ourselves our own special bracelets. They have been very popular and are very easy to customize and make very special and terrific gifts.
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well I'm off for now, I can't think of if I'm forgetting to tell you guys anything else or not I think I've gotten it all out lol !! I'll be back on for my weekend chat. Have a great night!


Julie said…
Hi Marianna!! Does that mean you have already picked a name for your baby? If so, what is his name going to be? :)
Star*Girl said…
You never miss a beat Julie! lol! I'm a scatter brain sorry, His name is Noah Joseph! Thanks for bringing it to my attention and reminding me lol!

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