Weekend wind down.

Hey everyone! How is your weekend going? Mine is going great! Yesterday we spent ("we" meaning mostly Joe lol) the whole entire day working on the nursery. It's so cute! We're pretty proud of ourselves I pretty much stayed out of the stinky-ness until it was done and it's been such a nice weather weekend we got to keep the windows open all day so it wasn't too smelly so I would just peek my head in to supervise and take pictures lol! Today I had another baby shower to attend which was a lot of fun but I'm beat and so the plan is is to start another book to read and to sit outside and enjoy the rest of the nice weather before the rain starts in once that happens I'll be back indoors and maybe get a head start on a bridal order during desperate Housewives.
Joe is back off to Lowe's to gather up some more trim and other finishing touches and so let the weekend wind down begin lol!
I'll leave you with some random fun pics and a quick Readers Corner:
Yesterday while "supervising" the work on the baby's room in pretty much one sitting I read The Killing Club by Marcie Walsh & Michael Malone which was such a page turner and an awesome read One Life to Live fans will love it especially because the current storyline is based on this novel and it's such a great read and really exciting I just couldn't put it down I didn't even put it down to eat just to peek in on the room and then back to reading lol! Next up is the new Diane Chamberlain called The Bay at Midnight and 2 chic lit type novels for a bit of a fluffy read to lighten things up :)

The computer desk hutch that is waiting going off to the charity yard sale is apparently a kitty condo in the mean time. lol Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A peek at the midway point. I'll have to post more updated pics later this week so you can see the trim done and the clouds on the ceiling!Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's just really fun and exciting to see more and more Joe's signs going up!Image hosted by Photobucket.com


wobbeegone said…
hey, way to go joe schmoo!

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