Wednesday chatter

Oops sorry for the lack of blogging it's been a really busy week. My living room is once again the hot spot for sorting items big and small for the Charity Yard Sale plus I've been so busy with orders it looks like a tornado ran through there. I've had a busy bridal veil week last week and this week so there's scrap tulle and combs strewn everywhere and veils hanging in the dining room that are getting packaged up tonight. It's just been a lot more easier to work from down there than up in the studio lately since a lot of furniture is getting moved around and re situated up there as well, new bookcases and trim work so it's too dusty to do bridal work up there right now. I'll be in big time need of a major studio cleaning very soon so I can restore some organization to my life once again lol!

I have to stop for a moment and be a proud wife for just a second and say a BIG BIG BIG congratulations to my DH Joe who's really been taking Real Estate by the horns because he got another listing yesterday (a big one too! Exciting!!!) which I think brings him up to 4 now and it's just so exciting to see him so passionate and excited about work and I'm really, really proud of him, both him and my sister Joanne I should say because they are partners and they are really on a roll this month!

So back on the beading front it's been mostly bridal non stop but I have made time to include some new designs which I'm excited about and still trying to get things done for the Blueberry Festival which reminds me , I need to get the rest of that festival info posted for you guys in case you're in the area! Anyhow I'm off for now to get some laundry folded and then I'm in desperate need of cleaning up and organizing my bead bins. Have a great night!


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