TGIF & Happy April Fools Day!

Happy Friday & April Fools day everyone! I realized too late that it was April fools so I didn't even bother trying my hand at a good practical joke oh well lol! Well first things first : There are lot's of updates that will be going on to the site over the weekend. Getting caught up with the contest page, inventory, orders etc. So me and Marsha will be busy bees. I know many of you really enjoy the contests and have been wondering if there's a new contest going on or not and yes there is and it's all getting updated asap. Plus new items are going up too!!!! Love it! I'm staying close to home which pretty much means I plan to get some more R & R and hang out in the garden or watching movies, we've got Shark Tales on the agenda for tomorrow, can't wait! Plus we've decided to totally change the trim and everything in the soon to be nursery so Joe's been hacking away in there with the door closed the past several days so not to disturb me so I'm a bit scared to peek in lol! Also I have to mention how incredibly happy I am to see that Corina is on the road to healing and doing much better and making beads again! I have always enjoyed not only her amazing work but also visiting her site and reading her daily musings. I know she thinks we're getting sick of hearing about her healing and deep thoughts but I really enjoy it, it brings out deep thoughts of my own lol. Here latest ones has been making me really appreciate my friends and family even more and it's made me feel really lucky to not only have an incredible best friend (that's you Megan! lol) to have shared what feels like 100 years with but also to realize how incredible and caring and supportive even more recent friendships I've made are to me. I was sitting today thinking about how fast time has gone by! Marsha's little one Jack is already going to be 3! We've been great friends for over a year now girl friend, we finish off each other sentences, we're like frick and frack, spic and span...a bit scarey isn't it lol!! And my awesome friend Sue from Australia and I have been the greatest of friends for over 3 years now how wonderful is that?! and my terrific friend and talented fellow bead maker and designer Julie and I have been awesome friends for over 2 years now!!! Can you believe it! Not to mention a very very long list of others I've grown close with through my book groups, the bunker, the ISGB, ebay, and wet canvas AND especially through my designs because my customers have become my friends as well. You guys are all so sweet and amazing and supportive. So basically before I ramble on much longer I've been in a reminiscing mood today (can you tell? ) and just wanted to say I really appreciate all of you guys very much. It's nice to have these friendships that aren't one sided or selfish or petty or jealous etc. It's nice to be able to share details of daily life good and bad and to have friends with good advice, funny jokes, exciting news, a helping hand and a caring heart. Friends who remember important days and events, ask how your day went or even just send a cute little note or joke to put a smile on your face. It's the little things that mean the most and count and a TRUE friend knows that. Did I get too mushy on you guys? lol! So anyhow go call all your GOOD friends and tell them thank you , I love you and your the greatest! I'm heading off to package up some good books to share with Marsha and then to update my book group websites and work on that programing for my mum (yes, I'm still working on that! eek! it's much harder than I thought.) I'll be on periodically throughout the evening probably and weekend keeping you updated on updates and such so I'll chat with you all more later! Have a great weekend!!!!


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