Nice way to start the week!

It is GORGEOUS outside!!!! I don't even know what to do with myself lol! I spent the early day responding to emails, printing invoices and shipping labels, made my run to the library and the post office, added more books to my bookcrossing bookshelf for trade and now I think I'll save my work for later on and go sit outside and read for a bit! I really really hope the weather stays like this because sitting outside reading and lounging might just have to be my most favorite thing when the weather is like this! I think I might even go uncover my buddha statue and birdbath and patio furniture, hopefully that doesn't jinx the weather, yikes! Ain't that how it always goes? lol! The contest page has gotten it's update the picture of the new items is going up shortly (a gorgeous pair of turquoise earrings that are perfect for the season and the color really pops! I think you'll be pleased.) Plus the rest of the new items are up and Marsha is just doing some finishing touches on inventory and shuffling other things around the site before doing the full publishing so stay tuned for that later on because the new pieces are spectacular! I'm off for now but I'll be back on later! Have a terrific day! I hope you are able to enjoy nice weather where you are too!


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