Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday updates!

Congratulations to Mandi K. for winning the Saturday Giveaway earrings. Thanks for all the votes you guys I really appreciate it and I'm glad you all enjoy the contests so much. Keep voting and I'll keep giving away cool stuff! I'll have a new item up on the contest page soon and the next drawing will be held on Sat. May 21st!!!! Up for grabs next up will be a gorgeous pair of Terri Too earrings they are a perfect match the bracelet. Visit the CONTEST page to vote, enter and for additional info!

So aside from the deranged weather our weekend went terrific! We got alot done and had a fun movie night at Megan's and Baby Jack's before the snow hit. We watched Meet the Fockers which I think may even be funnier than the first! Also got the invites completed, labeled, stuffed and ready to ship and Joe finished up the trim in the baby's room and got it all cleared out and polished the floors and hung up some of our cute wall hangings that I've been itching to see up! It looks terrific. Due to the bad weather we never made it out to pick up our border so we'll get that up next weekend. Next I think he's going to put new and better shelving in the closet and organize it much better than the way it's layed out right now because I'm getting those cute baskets with the Ginham lining to set out on the shelves and store some baby shoes in and another one for all the hats I've been buying him and I think I'll even do one for socks cause lord knows those things are so tiny they'll be getting lost left and right lol!

Well I'm going to keep it short for now but I think I may have another sneak peek ready for you guys later but I'm not making any promises I may just decide to save it for the next update. Well I'm off for now! I'll try to chat more later! Have a great day!

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