Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday already? where'd the weekend go?

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was busy but fun. I'm going to be headed out soon to the post office because I kicked major butt and got those ASAP emergency bridal orders all done! I worked on them Sat. and late last night until I got them done and I slept SO much better knowing they'll be getting there on time:) The weather here was terrific all weekend so we spent some cleaning time outdoors and indoors. A lot more work needs to be done indoors we have so much stuff we've been clearing out and it's all sitting in our living room waiting to be organized and put away in the new office space Joe's setting up for himself up in my studio and our old computer desk (which is actually still new) is going to get donated to a charity yard sale where all the proceeds get donated to the Cancer Society (a cause very near and dear to me.) I also had my cousin Josephine's baby shower yesterday which was a lot of fun and there were so many other pregnant ladies there it was really funny, there's going to be one major baby boom happening this summer that's for sure! There were 7 of us and that wasn't even counting the few others that I'm not related to. On Saturday I had to make a bit of drive to get some much needed supplies for the STAT bridal orders but it's always worth the drive and I ended up hitting up two of my most favorite bead shops and coming home with a lot more than what I went there for and now that I've got some orders out of the way AND my invitations almost completely done I'm sitting down today for some design time. I've already got one really gorgeous necklace completed using seafoam green flat twisted oval green agate beads and aqua AB crystals. It's a simple but fresh looking style I think you'll really enjoy and it's perfect for summer time. I'll have some earrings to match made up later also. I've also got another necklace design just eatting away at me I cannot wait to start it. I won't say too much I'll just say 14mm faceted quartz and 10mm faceted Cognac quartz sounds big and bold which I suppose it is but the colors really make it a nice and light looking and it's another simple no fuss design and that Cognac quartz made me drool & I've never seen it before so couldn't pass it up.Mark & Carrie brought the kids out to our neighborhood to play at the big park yesterday since it was so nice out. Poor Alyssa (goddaughter) with her full arm bright pink cast I felt so terrible for her! She seemed pretty happy and proud to show that she's getting signatures on it though so we joined in and signed her cast as well :) Ok so I've gotta run for now and get some errands done. Have a wonderful day! I'll be back later on!

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