Saturday, April 02, 2005

Merde and double poo

It is quite possibly the yuckiest, darkest, wettest, rainiest, windiest poo day ever. If there is any guarantee that we are completely finished with snow then I suppose all this rain that seems to be non stop in our forecast is now our Spring, la di da, yeesh which is worse?! Needless to say I have NO desire to leave the house today so I think instead I'll head up to the studio to straighten up my messes a bit and lay out some stones that I woke up with in my head this morning. Maybe I dreamt about them but just don't remember but at least they were there this morning for me to think about and jot down lol! I'm going to try and spend the weekend putting together nothing but necklaces. I'm really really picky about necklace designs and never quite happy with how they turn out and NOTHING goes up on the storefront unless I'm in love with it, so wish me luck I've got lot's of cool ideas brewing! :) I'll be back on later to chatter some more. Hope you are having a brighter and dryer weekend that we are!

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