Are you kidding me?!?!

Ok so was it not just last week that it was sooooo hot that I got all the winter clothes boxed up for storage and moved in the spring and summer clothes? Well, so much for that! Take a look at how the weekend has been...
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This is my gorgeous Magnolia tree it's huge and full and fully bloomed and gorgeous with huge hot pink and cream flowers. This is my most favorite tree it shades the front porch and is perfect to read under on hot days. This is the big beautiful tree that literally grows out and greets me outside my studio window and NOW THE POOR THING IS FROZEN!!!!! Good grief I'm not sure how much of this weather I can take. On a brighter side it has kept me indoors and I finished up all the invitations, got my orders packaged up and ready to ship and got some house work done too. So apparently snow me in and I'll get a lot accomplished lol! I have however gotten a lot of new designs completed and started. Lot's of new necklaces are going to be making their debut soon. Necklace designs are way more complicated for me. I tend to be really, really picky in the components I use and the designs because I want them to look just right and for some reason it's much easier to get it right in bracelet designs than in necklaces for me. Ah, well so I'm off for now to try and enjoy my Sunday snow and all and just make the most of it. Hope you are having a warm and wonderful weekend!


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