You read my mind!

A fellow bead maker friend , Donna from who's work is always stunning and original really struck a cord with me today in what she posted in her daily blog. It's like she read my mind. If you have a chance to go read great, if not the just of it is is that we were all basically chatting about how repeatitive the lampworking community is getting with their work. I've been off the torch for about 5 mths now and instead have been buying beads from other lampworker friends but also going around and visiting a lot of other bead workers sites and looking on ebay and I find it sad and funny at the same time that alot of beadmakers seem to feel like the only way they can try to make a name for themselves in the bead world is to basically hone in on the "big name" artists and see their sets that sell for hundreds of dollars and then basically copy their bead sets to try to bring in the same amount of cash. I'm not sure if they care or realize that to other lampworkers they really look rediculous and sure they may start getting higher amounts of money for the beads but 99.9% of the time the customer basically doesn't really know a lot about lampworking or what's original or not they just want the beads but as an artist I find it sad that these bead artists comprimise their integrity as an artist just to make a buck rather than really work to find their own stride and style to make a name , a RESPECTABLE name for themselves. Aside from a very small list of artists who's work really is their own and original and really enjoy following and purchasing their works I have found that so many of other artists sites and work are all just basically looking exactly the same to me and it's sad that it seems they have either lost their mojo or never had it to begin with. I know that as artists we know by now that the consumer doesn't know what's been done and what's not original and most probably don't care they just want and need beads for their designs but I feel that as an artists rather that take advantage to make a quick buck money shouldn't be what this industry is about it's about creativity, originality, technique and so much more. I have friends that ask me how much I have missed working at the torch and isn't it driving me crazy and the answer is NO it's not driving me crazy and yes I do miss it but I have to say I am really really really enjoying the time away because it's really helped me to see some new direction I plan to take when I do get back to the torch. I literally dream beads , yummy beads , new designs and things I've never seen anyone do or try that I wake up and sketch out and write about in my design journal. So no it's not driving me crazy especially when I'm constantly feeling the kicks and movements in my belly and how much fun I'm having and how constantly amazed and fortunate I feel. I'm having fun enjoying and preparing for a new phase in our lives that in turn is inspiring a new phase in my art and work each and everyday. So thank you Donna again for your cool posting and allowing all of us to discuss a topic that apparently a lot of other artists and people/customers are agreeing with. Thanks for tagging along with my vent this long if you are still here lol! and be sure to check out Donna's site for other's opinions and also for her incredible awesome new stella beads. I PROMISE I really will be back on later on tonight with a regular chat and sneak peek! Really I will!!!! lol!

PS. real quick I have to add that I'm not talking about new bead artists here because I remember starting out and how at that stage practice makes perfect and it's really a must to sharpen their flowers and dots and stringer control etc. etc techniques but I hope that once you feel comfortable and like you have those types of designs down pat that a fire get's lit under you bum to really try new things and have fun with it! :)


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