what's with the snow?!

I thought for sure the weather was going to start warming up so we can begin enjoying our Spring but apparently not... here is what I see out my window (the pic is little dark because of all the snow sticking into the little holes of my screens but you get the idea.) And it's only be snowing for a couple of hours tops! Hopefully the Easter bunny will leave us some sunshine and warm weather :) Still doing PC work but I just couldn't resist showing you the yuckiness going on in SE Michigan. Ok back to work for me but I'll take another break later for more chatter. Have a terrific day!
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Julie said…
Wow, we have no snow at all in Ann Arbor!! It's weird how different the weather can be in cities that are only 45 minutes apart!
Star*Girl said…
oh that's too funny Julie! Had I known I would have headed up you way! now today it's the complete opposite! there is no evidence that it ever even snowed!!! AND it's sunny! Do we have the strangest weather or what ? haha

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