what day is it?

What a week! I'm so screwed up for some strange reason I have been going around all day thinking it was wednesday but yesterday all day I kept screwing up and thinking it was Friday! Cuckoo I know! So anyhow just a quickie for right now to say new items are going up as we speak! Marsha is busy beeing it and so there is a lot's of new pieces to see in just about every category. Be sure to check out the customs I mentioned earlier in the week (or was that last week? good grief lol!) you can find those in the Bride's Scrapbook also be sure to check out new MISC. items for those cool new rings as well as lot's of bracelets and new earrings, oh my! lol! I have had a lot of errand running today so I've been in and out since this morning. We've been getting some more snow and it looks like it's not going to go away anytime soon so it's been here and there with the snow but it seems it's taking it's toll on mufflerkids car so I've actually slept well!! woohoo. Can't say that I feel bad about your car problems at all sorry for no sympathy kid, call it some kind of crazy Karma for my patience. Survivor tonight! OC tonght! Plus did anyone else catch America's Next Top Model? Love that show! I'm not sure why but in part I think it's because it's so fun to watch when the girls don't know how to walk when they think they do. It's too early yet for me to have my favorites. So anyhow your updated on updates, muffler kid, some crazy antics and I'll be back on later hopefully if time allows maybe even for a quick Readers corner because for those of you who know how much I LOVE Janet Evanovich I've just gotten a new book to review called
FALSE PROFITS BY PATRICIA SMILEY that has been comared to Evanovich's work so it should be interesting to see if I agree or disagree by the time I get done with it. I will say this however, that the cover of False Profits is VERY similar to Evanovich's covers that she uses not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet either I'm a stickler for originality in everything so that aspect has kinda of turned me off a bit. Ok I'm signing off for real now! LOL! Have a great day!


wobbeegone said…
hi, i need to get a hold of you.
Star*Girl said…
I'm heading over to MSN right now

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