Sunday weekend winding down

Hi all! Sorry I couldn't update sooner I've been offline for a couple of days. We finally decided on a new computer desk and went and picked it up so Joe could put it together. Well we kinda got ahead of ourselves because we started out doing some more early spring cleaning and moving and rearranging the furniture and stuff and then unhooking and moving the computer equipment before we even picked up and put together the new desk so needless to say no computer access for a bit there lol! Spent all day early yesterday shopping and eating. Finally broke down and got myself a bunch of new clothes that fit! woohoo!!! There is so many cool stores that offer really fun and funky maternity clothes so I got a little carried away but I was desparate for clothes that fit, real clothes not drawstring or baggy sweats anymore! lol! Then on the way home in the evening is when we picked up the new PC desk and so everything got put together and in place and hooked back up late last night so no late night sneak peek but maybe I'll be able to squeeze one in later because I have some really gorgeous stuff that I've been working on and am excited about! Well I'm off for now. We're heading out to grab some lunch and then head back home to straighten up a bit before our company arrives. We're having some friends over for the evening I'm thinking it may be a Scattegories game night lol! I'll be back later (maybe a little late) for a sneak peek hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!


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