still at it!

Still at it with the pictures and actually mostly today I've been editing and turning in reviews that were due and also working on learning a new website program for my mom's site it's a totally different type of program than Frontpage or Dreamweaver this is a program that runs in conjuction to those that is used for the interactive stuff on her site. I love website computer techy stuff like this though so I'm having fun. It didn't come with a manual it's a "copy" so I'm just winging it but it's all good. So I've got my schedule split for this week at least...bead work and orders early in the day and computer work, updates and photographs in the evening. I'm behaving myself today though, I didn't get side tracked just to hop online for a quick chat with you :) So I'm heading back at it but woohoo anyone else as excited as I am about the CSI marathon week? ok so that might side track me a little lol! Have a great night!
PS. Here's a plain Jane type of site I threw together for DH Joe and my sister. It's pretty basic since it's more informational but I know I've been chatting about it but I couldn't remember if I ever added a link so here is it if you curious.


Julie said…
Okay, thanks, so now I am totally in love with that $1,150,000 contemporary house on Santure Road, shown on your real estate sites!!! I must go take a peek next time I'm in the neighborhood! :)
Star*Girl said…
LOL! Joe says it's all yours he'll send you the paperwork to write an offer lol! Isn't is fun looking around on there at all those cool houses. How many beads and jewelry you think we'll have to sell for one of those beauties ? :)

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