Saint Patty!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I totally forgot that it was today until I went to dinner with my parents and my mom was all decked out in my favorite color green and I was too and she made a comment about what today was. I had a duh? moment then all was good lol! So at least I didn't get pinched, I lucked out :) So I managed to get some good work time in yesterday except not so much at night when I usually have my creative juices bubbling instead I got sidetracked after posting the sneak peek and worked on my cool knitting project somemore. I've got a ton of different pieces started and worked on a little earlier today but I'm heading off to really put a dent in my work load. I'm going to try and get a picture up of the name block bracelets I've been working on since I've been asked to do them several times now for different customers who have asked and I did add one pic to the scrapbook page a long time ago when I first started making them but now I think I'm going to add them to both my bridal and regular bracelet collection because they are reallly precious pieces, heirloom quality and make special gifts too. Plus they can be made in multi strands for multi names and in various styles from funky fabulous to classic pearls to all sterling silver beads to a mixture of gemstones and sterling you name it I've done it and they turn out really cool everytime no matter what your preference. So anyhow that's where I'm headed creatively tonight. Plus I'm going to try and finish up a pray box bracelet too, it's really cool and chunky and lot's of chunky gemstones too I can't wait for you to see that one either! So I'm off for now hope you have a great night!


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