Only in Michigan...

...we go from major snow to mid 60's weather in a matter of days, it's gorgeous out! I'm still feeling a bit yucky but I tell ya the nice weather sure is helping me not to notice so much:) Just got off the phone with Marsha a bit ago (102 minutes!!! I really think the timer on our phones must be wrong because it never seems like THAT long lol!) anyhow the move is going great the new house sounds awesome so a big congrat's on the move to Marsha AND I've got Blueberry Festival updates for those in the area and interested here's what I've got so far: Blueberry Festival in Mississippi (I need to double check on the city because I think it's just outside of where Marsha is located) Satuday, June 11th I'll have more info very soon it keeps trickling on in bits and pieces at a time so I'll post more about it as I get it. If you're in the area you'll have to stop in and say hello! I was this close (holding my fingers really close together) to taking a mini vacation and heading down for the weekend but then I looked at the dates and my baby shower is the next day!!! AND our 6 year anniversary!!! So I'll have to get the scoop through Marsha, gotta love the free nights and weekends part of my cell phone plan Marsha can just sit me down on the table and I can pretend like I'm there lol! I might be getting some more festival info later on as well , if so I'll drag myself to the PC to keep you updated. I'm off for now, I've got a big supply shipment day so I'll be sorting and organizing new things into their proper bins and get my next batch of orders started it's another month of lot's of weddings and bridal orders ! Exciting! Plus I have something new for the site up my sleeve as well but I'll tell you more about that later.
Have a great day!!!!
PS. JILLIAN I've lost your email! I'm so sorry I don't know where in the heck in went I've checked all my folders but just in case you don't read this in time to write me again I'll try to dig out one of your old invoices from my files or search through my paypal as well but just wanted to appologize , didn't want you to think I forgot about you!


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