Monday, Monday!

What a crazy day! I've been running around all day doing stuff. I had planned on getting more work done but that didn't quite happen, not so much lol! Got orders packaged up and made a run to the post office, hung out with my grandma and aunt at my grandma's house knitting and craft chatting which is always lot's of fun, hung out with Megan and baby Jack getting my loveable cuddling baby kisses in for the day :) and then decided to buckle down and get to work on pictures of new items so that's been taking up a couple of hours. Marsha is on the move again so I have about a week to get more new items finished up and photographed for the next big update. Lot's of items in all categories that have sold since the last major update will soon be removed and cleared out or marked as SOLD but no worries keep those orders coming and if something is gone I can list you as backorder and still get your items created and out to you asap. I'm working on another really awesome Boro and gemstone necklace AND working on current orders AND working on Blueberry Festival items AND consignment and boutique pieces as well. Plus as soon as I get the full info on the Blueberry Festival dates and times and booth info I'll post it for all of you who may be in the area and want to stop in to say Hello!!! We'd love to see you! I'm heading back to work on pictures some more it's all mostly computer work so I keep getting side tracked. I finally got some new maternity clothes so my comfort level just jumped up a couple of notches over the weekend lol! Give me just a taste of comfort and now there's no stopping me. I pit stopped off at a couple of great sites for more maternity clothes during one of my side track moments and went a tad bit Mimi Ma- crazy with the online ordering and wanted to stop in for some chat time with you all before getting some more work done and crashing for the night. Have a great night!


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