Monday already!

Hi all! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, I know I did but it went by way too fast! We did a little shopping, visiting with friends and Joe had a few appointments to show some houses, BIG houses I love that part of the job, getting to peek in some of these awesome houses I used to go along all the time with my mom too especially when the houses are vacant, just in case cause you don't always know who your showing it too when the person makes the appointment over the phone and you've never met them it's always a good safety key. So nosey me! lol! I got my packaging done last night so I'm going to keep it short for now because I got a few last minute orders today that are already ready to go so I'm heading out to package those up real quick and then head out to the PO. So I'll be back later with jewelry news and chatter and maybe even a sneak peek! Stay tuned!


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