wowsa! I've really need to update a lot sooner I've really been avoiding the PC this week big time. When I'm sick of the computer is when I really love my Palm V even more because I can just dock and pull my emails so I can still chat with all of you guys emailing me but I don't have to fuss with sitting at the computer. It's been a busy week I've been working hard keeping up with orders and doing my restock of supplies thing so then throughout the week I keep getting goodies in the mail but I've finally had time today to start going through everything and start the sorting process. I love good mail days lol! Thank goodness I have DH Joe to help with shipping and printing and making extra runs to the PO and keeping me sane lol! I'm going to hopefully be able to squeeze in some uploading time to work on pictures because I have a new Custom bridal design that I just finished up for a bridal party and I love it it's gorgeous and so I'll be adding that to the Bridal Suite collection soon as well as some other new pieces I'm excited about so I may sneak in a pic of some yummies here later for you to peak at. I'm not sure what our plans are for the weekend I feel like I'm fighting off a cold that badly wants to attack so we may just stay close to home and enjoy the snow. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend I'll try to get on for some chatty time if I can but for now I'm going to go cozy up with my trusty beady bead tray and bead caddy and get some sorting done so I can start on another bridal order. Pink and brown is such a warm and fun and yummy combo so I'm looking forward to this next bridal order of Pink Rosaline swarovski pearls with Chocolate brown satin ribbon finish you can see it in the Bridal Suite it's called The Gift and it's such a classic and gorgeous style. Also there are a few updates that were done recently to the Scrapbook of custom work I've done as well as Links, Designer Gallery and About Me I've been slow going on updating those galleries sorry about that and I've got even more new pics to add to them even still so hopefully it won't take me too long to work on those either. Plus don't forget tomorrow is Saturday Giveaway drawing day!!!! Thank you so much for all the votes and good luck!


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