Cold , wet and windy Monday!

Hey all! So it's a cold, wet and very windy day today. I've been working on my bookgroup websites today but the wind keeps cutting my internet connection so it's slow going and I may just take a break from that until later on if the wind dies down once and for all. So we had an exciting and busy weekend got some good relaxing time in yesterday with watching one of our all time favorite movies "Office Space" which we sit and know every line word for word and just crack up at each other the whole time so it's all good. The purging of crap that we've beeing packing away and ignoring for years is going well I finally got my living room back in order and most of the dining room and we bought some nice new bookshelves that fit perfectly up in the studio so Joe's begun the tiring task of starting to relocate my HUGE book collection but I'm still keeping a large majority throughout the house because I have to always be surrounded by books and just can't help it plus I think it makes the house look cozy, it sure makes me feel cozy. I've got another custom bridal order to get some pics of because it's a really gorgeous new design and I'll be adding it to the collection soon as well so I may give you a sneak peek at that later on. I have to give a shout out to Nanette from Scorpio beads because I'm about to go wire wrap and design with one of her HUGE boro glass bicones and I'm seriously addicted to boro now because of her, her work is GORGEOUS! Thanks so much Nanette! So I'm off for now to go get beady with it (I'm in a really good goofball mood today can you tell? lol) I'll try to get back on later and chat some more but in the mean time have a wonderful day!


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