baby sweet!

A HUGE congratulations to my very bestest friend Megan of about a million years (17 yrs actually) who just gave birth to her first baby. Welcome to the world baby Jack Clayton! 7lbs. 7 oz see I have a good reason for being MIA and not blogging my usual. We just got home a little bit ago from the hospital made a day of it because it wasn't a local hospital so we've been gone ALL day long and having a blast hanging out with our newest god child (to be) he is perfection I tell ya! Too cute and making me even more excited for my own which I didn't think possible but it did and I think it may be the sweet baby smell, babies just smell so good and they have the softest skin that makes you just want to smooch them all the time lol! So that's all of an update for today cause I'm beat and so DH and I are off to be lazy bums and watch movies the rest of the night and pig out on greasy snacks. Have a great night!


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