The agenda for the day

Sorry I didn't get a chance to get back on last night I hope to have my pics uploaded so you can see the latest bridal custom but in the mean time on the agenda for today is finish up 2 sterling name block bracelets and necklace for a custom order and then I'm going to put in some major overtime working on some new necklaces because those have been selling out little by little and I've got spring/summer 2005 designs to put into action and make their debut. Also I need to make a major dent in my book reviews deadlines are coming up quick. I just got the latest Zoey Dean A list series book to review for Time Warner. I LOVE this series and am so excited dancing around the house lol! Such perks! I LOVE getting to read major authors and brand spanking new works WAY before they hit the stores it's like having a backstage pass...well at least it feels that way if you're a major bookworm lol! Other may be saying "whooptee doo big deal" but I say "So sad for you my friend, your missing out GO READ!!" lol! So I'm off for now and hopefully can make some major and much needed progress in my to do list for today. Have a great day! I'll try really really hard to post the sneak peek later on so check back!


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