the wrath of me

ugh,Muffler kid is back. I'm not even sure if he's in high school anymore or not because everyone is on spring break this week and the private schools don't start at the butt crack of dawn so I'm assuming he's forced to get up that early and join the daily grind of an unfortunate work schedule. I however have no sympathy for him and am literally this close (holding thumb and index finger really close together) to cutting out little letters out of magazines and gluing together my annonymous letter plea for a muffler. On the work front I think I'll finally get a chance to work on some new necklace designs tonght and get some pictures done for the next update. Lot's of new goodies going up really soon! I'm so jealous of those of you who got to go to the big Tuscon bead show I so want to go one of these years. I've got at least 4-5 different trips planned out in my head for the coming year one being accompanying DH Joe and everyone from the office to the next big Century 21 Real Estate Convention it'll be held in Las Vegas this coming year so we'll see how traveling with the baby goes for that and then we'll take it from there lol! Marsha is doing a booth at the Blueberry Festival this year June 11th and has gratiously invited me to send down lot's of pieces for her to offer at the booth so I'm really excited about that and working on new items to get ready for the show AND new items for a couple of other places that will soon be carrying Star Girl Jewelry & Jeweled Expressions jewelry! so it's all pretty exciting to think of my pieces traveling to other states and being offered in stores there I mean I have local boutiques and salons/spa's and gift shoppes that carry my jewelry but this is on more of a bigger scale level so it's an exciting opprotunity! So now if I can just get some decent sleep again I think I'd be good to go lol! Anyhow I'm signing off and getting back to work before I start zoning out. Have a great night!


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