spring cleaning in the snow...

Sorry took so long to get on a blog. Hope you all had a great weekend. We spent the whole weekend and I mean WHOLE weekend purging our storage room in the basement and all of our closets and we still have a long ways to go. The house looks like a tornado tore through here but we've made lot's of progress. We have been sorting through boxes of stuff we forgot we had, trying to figure out why we saved a lot of this stuff and I have been shredding boxes and boxes of old bills and such from ions ago. Anyone need any filling for the bottom of their hamster cages? lol so the house is still very out of control looking but it's much better looking that when we first started. We basically brought out everything into the living room and dining room to sort and shred and trash so it's easier to carry it all out to the trash bins but I did manage to get pics taken and uploaded and sent over to Marsha for the next update so there will be some really cool new stuff going up in the storefront soon. I've begun working on another bridal order as soon as I get a set complete I'll add it to the Bridal Suite for you all to see, it's a gorgeous new design Y style with double drops and sterling chain. So that's all for the update for tonight I'm going back to my bead work before I crash for the night but I'll be back on tomorrow to chat it up some more! Have a great night!


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