quick PS.

I was thinking about my little vent from a few minutes ago about my neighbor problem and was thinking and wondering how horrible would it be for me to say something to them about getting that muffler problem fixed? would it sound too un neighborly? maybe an annonymous note? lol! any feedback is greatly appreciated so email me privately or feel free to comment on my blog cause I need sleep I tell ya! Help! Ok going back to my peaceful stringing of sparklie crystals now. Have a great night!


wobbeegone said…
You're too funny.
Where have you been?
Are you not getting my emails?
Larry is looking for you as well.
I have been ill is why you haven't heard from me.
Both Jack and I have had Typhoid Bubonic Malaria.
Larry is hoping that I'll live long enough to make his necklace but probably not too long after so I don't spend the money from it.
hahahaha love you Larry!
Star*Girl said…
Malaria!!! Holy crap! I thought you visited Kansas not Africa! how and where does one acquire Malaria!? I've been so worried no no emails so I've been freaking a bit. I've been here mostly and nephew sitting and house sitting a bit and walking around like a zombie from sleep deprevation since it now sounds like my house has been relocated in a subway tube! are my emails getting through to you or is it on both our ends?
Star*Girl said…
oh geez, here we go I'm forced to ask you if you would now prefer Malaria Marsha as opposed to Marsha Martian? Who wants to know, you ask (do you even have to ask?) but Joe smoe from idaho of course.
wobbeegone said…
Well Schmoo, I'm glad you asked.
Since I'm over Malaria now better stick to Martian.

Hotmail works right! Use it woman!
Did that lady from that spa place in Mississippi email you and ask you about some of your bridal pieces? Did she buy anything!!!?
You could call too you know.
If Schmoo would swtich phone plans.
You might as well do it now Joe cause once that little squirmy wet smelly squeaky, I mean the dear little thing comes...you're gonna use that phone a lot.
I mean a lot.
Actually Marianna is.
Get with the time man.

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