Pics as promised

Just a quickie to show you some pics as promised. The first is the Swarovski Coral Reef Cube Custom shown are necklace and earrings but there is also a bracelet that I forgot to add in the picture and I had already uploaded before realizing it but its just as gorgeous. I didn't realize until now just how hard the Coral Reef is to get on camera! They change so many colors it's amazing and are just completely stunning in person so I'm sorry you don't get to see that in the picture. I'm also working a similar pieces for the same customer but using Swarovski crystal cubes, round and bi cone mix in Siam Ruby I'll have to post a pic of that as soon as it's complete too because that's another one that's a show stopper. The other pic is of a few packages that are getting shipped out this week to show you my packaging that I'm so proud of lol! I can't help it I think they are so cute. I know I love when I recieve items in the mail all packaged up pretty. So anyhow now I'm heading back to work for a bit before crashing for the night. Sweet dreams!


Sabrina said…
Hi! would you be wiling to share your supplier info with a fellow beader? I'm looking for coral reef cubes. i found someone that will supply them at 2.50 for an 8mm and 1.60 per 6mm....this is more than i usually pay for other colors....Any advice or info would be appreciated...Sabrina

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