non stop this week!

hey all! So just thought I'd warn you now that you may not hear from me too much until after this weekend. It's been a crazy non stop busy week. On top of orders through the storefront I've got a TON of orders that came in last minute, very last minute and are needed STAT for a wedding this weekend. I'm not feeling overwhelmed so that's a good thing! I'm actually pretty organized and in "the zone" but just wanted you to know in case I don't chat for a few days or do chat but keep them really short. In the mean time there are some more updates going on so you'll start seeing new pieces in the Bridal Suite and some really pretty earrings in the regular collection as well. The contest page is finally getting an update so you all will be able to see the pretty earrings that are up for grabs for the next giveaway, sorry for the delay. A few other pages are getting updated as well and I still even need to get all the new pictures together to update the Designers Gallery and the Bridal/Custom order scrapbook to show new pieces etc. I'm slacking I know! But after this weekend I will have a lot more time finally to finish off some new pieces. Create new items with all of the new yummies I've been accumulating and finally have enough time to devote to my art clay pieces and get what I have completed fired and complete the pieces that I have been working on (really cool stuff!) So anyhow tonight is getting devoted to a 15 strand lola necklace and earrings set, yup your eyes aren't playing tricks on you I said 15 strands!!!! I love it though it's one of my favorites to do and ever since I made the first one ever for my mom and she's worn it around (She's the BEST advertisement and she loves the perks of always having jewelry available at her beck and call lol!) It's been THE most popular design. I'll have a pic to show you soon! Anyhow, back to work for me and some CSI watching while I'm beading so feverishly lol! Have a great night!


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