Monday - refreshed!

I don't know about you but I had a great weekend and I hope you did too. I don't know where annoying muffler kid has been but good riddence because I got 3 nights of terrific sleep! I'm refreshed and managed to get a lot of work done this weekend. The local public high school students are on spring break and so I'm hoping that perhaps muffler kid (that will forever be the nickname, sounds like something out of Recess lol!) went away on long holiday and if that is the case he must have taken the car with him, either way I don't care I'm just happy to be sleeping again! I got a lot of work done on customs and finished up another bridal so tonight I've set aside 3 blocks of time to work. One for customs and to start a new bridal order, the second block for some designs I've been sketching up and deciding on components and stones for and the third to get shipping and packaging complete for the post office tomorrow. We got quite a winter storm yesterday and last night and a nice fresh dumping of snow on us which was actually kind of nice since we stayed in and relaxed and did stuff around the house. Anyhow I thought I'd drop in real quick and say happy monday! I'm off for now but I'll try to get back on for a quick chat later. Have a great day!


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