Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V day everyone! Since it falls on a work day for most of us I hope you all got to celebrate over the weekend instead if you had to. That's what we did, we had a great weekend even through all the yucky weather and it's still yucky today! Anyhow keeping it short this evening I came home to a mountain of packages waiting for me so I'm excited to dig in and see what orders I'll be starting on next and what goodies I have to create new pieces with. Tonight I'll be finishing up Friday's orders I got some work done early Saturday before heading out for the day and so I'll be finishing some things up tonight I'll also have a sneak peek for you either tonight or tomorrow on one of the custom jewelry orders I was talking about (see below where I gush about the awesome swarovski cubes order lol!) You guys have been really sweet to compliment me on my cute packaging and it's different for every order I've been having a lot of fun coming up with fun and pretty ways to send your items so thanks for noticing and being so sweet to always compliment. I'll be working on packaging orders tonight for a post office run on Wednesday so maybe I'll post a pic of the colorful pile before they go in their shipping boxes. So that's all for now, go hug someone special and enjoy your Valentines day!


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