Friday!!!! ahhhh the weekend...

This week flew by! Do I say that every Friday? I feel like I do but it's so true! So I've said it a bazillion times at the very least but I'll say it again, I LOVE custom orders!!!! I love when I get to sit and work closely with my customers who commission me to create that special something and I work until I get it just right but I also love those customers who tell me I love you work here's my budget create something stunning and unusual. Today I'm working on such a fun custom order. Two sets of designs for necklace, bracelet and earrings. One is being created in Siam and and the other in Coral Reef and the design calls for about 80% of it in all cubes (my favorite!) I have never had the pleasure to work with the Coral Reef cubes before first of all they are very limited and hard to find but when I opened up my packages today and I saw them in person they about knocked me off my feet! I will most definitly be posting pictures for you to see plus per ususual they'll go up in the Scrapbook in the Bridal Suite for future drooling ...I mean viewing lol! So I'm spending the evening elbows deep in Swarovski Cubes that's my hot date for my friday night lol! Speaking of hot dates ,the plan for the weekend is to celebrate our Valentine's Day all weekend long since DH Joe will be working on the actual day so we're just going to do whatever floats our boat, maybe do dinner and a movie and some shopping. Anyhow I'll post pics of my progress I hope everyone has a terrific weekend and I'm off for now to go stuff myself full of dill pickles and some CSI before getting back to work. Have a great night!


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