contest giveaway news quickie!

Congratutations to this Saturday's Contest Giveaway Winner Margaret H.!!!! I'll have those out to you asap and I hope you enjoy them! Our Valentine weekend is going awesome and we're on our way out the door for lunch with my parents and then some shopping and running around before dinner and a movie so I'm not quite sure how late until we get home and didn't want to leave you all hanging on the contest winner. Thank you so much for all the votes I know alot of you have been emailing me complaining that you voted at both Artzee and Top 25 but only Top 25 is counting your votes but don't worry I still count you twice for the contest because I know it's not your fault, this past month Artzee has implimented new blocks to their programing from updating their systems and so they said that basically voters who use dial up and DSL and certain IP's are lucky if it reads their votes and it's real picky about it's 24 hr period but no worries just keep voting lol! its all still fun and I really appreciate the support. I know how much you guys love the chandelier earrings so here's what's up for grabs next: I hope you all have a fantastic day!


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