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I'm running out of clever blips to name my blog entries can you tell? lol Anyhow I had a really productive day yesterday! I finally got some play time and created some really awesome awesome pieces. I'm still coming up with names for them but I'm just so excited with the way they turned out. I have a couple more pieces I'm working on today and then I think I'll get some pics taken and up they'll go! My parents and grandma (as well as just about everyone else in my family) have the italian satalite so they can watch their italian programs and I spend a whole lotta time at my parents and my grandma's house not only watching italian soaps but also their fashion programs and game shows etc , it's very addicting I tell ya and if I'm not there when certain jewelry trends are spotted then I'm getting a phone call from my mom describing every detail lol!! Anyhow my favorite part about it is that Europe is WAY ahead of the fashion game than anyone else like by 2 years so while we're still stuck on pink they've moved on to the new pink which is greens ( luscious greens NOT hunter greens)and lot's of jewel tones ( i.e. Amethyst, carnelian, aqua, amber, chalcedony blues etc.) Everyone who sees me will probably have noticed me wearing yummy greens since it got chilly enough to transistion into the fall wardrobe. Green tweeds, green rhinestone brooches, lot's of green gemstone jewelry, my favorite green boots I mean you name it I've been obsessed with it in green lol! So you'll see in these new pieces the terrific color palets I've been dreaming up with the help of my italian television lol! Also chunky bracelets and lot's of them. Layer them wear them all together go nuts! Earrings are LONG and linear and lot's of chain as well as necklaces you'll see lot's of chain simple necklaces with gemstones but you'll also see really chunky and long layered looks as well. It's going to be a really fun year for fashion and accessories that's for sure. So I've gotten into the habit of carrying around my idea book and sketching out new inspirations to work on I've even been sketching out lampwork ideas for when I'm back at the torch so for those of you waiting for beads I've got some great new designs cooking up as well. I think though that I can officially consider the beads you are seeing now in my gallery as my "Comfort Beads" but I think my style and taste in lampworking has shifted quite a bit in the last several months and you'll be seeing quite a change in my style and vision of glass art. I've been leaning more into the contemporary and organic and it's showing in my sketches and color choices and wanting to stretch my talents and try new and different things with glass and really strive for complete originality and defined style as well. I think you bead lovers will be pleased. Well I've headed into quite the epic blog today sorry about that and thanks if you stuck with me all the way through the entry without being too bored lol! I'm still not sure if I'm going to give you any sneak peeks of the new items or just wait for the next update and let you venture through the site to see for youself :) It's all very unique and using very unique gemstones. Marsha picked up some incredibly yummy and unique gemstones for me on her trip over the holidays and she has very good taste in gemstones wait till you see.
So anyhow we're still getting snowed on as I type so I'm off for now to go start another book review for . Have a great day!

PS. I made a post office run today so lot's of goodies are on the move. Also made a huge run to the library to pick up a monster pile of books so I'll have a readers corner update soon!


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