Monday, January 17, 2005

What break? lol

Well I had a terrific weekend I hope you did too. I know I said I was going to take a bit of a break this weekend and then throw myself full throttle into all my orders but I just couldn't do it, they were staring me down and I only had 2 more necklaces to do on one order when I quit for the day on Friday so I did manage to take Saturday off but then by Sunday it was just driving me nuts and I told myself "just those last two" and so yes I did those last two but that just led to the next order, oh well. I also worked on a new custom order I was commissioned for for some really unique chandelier style earrings done in a similar motif to the Chalcedony lace, I'll post a pic of that later on tonight for you to see they're gorgeous, I love custom orders I can't say that enough , they just put a whole new twist on my creativity and end up inspiring so much more! I'll also have a Mother of the Bride earring/bracelet set to show you and of course they'll all be going up on the scrapbook page in the bridal suite of all the different custom work I've been commissioned to do in the past. I have a lot of updating to do to both the scrapbook page and the Designers gallery, I've been slacking majorly sorry about that! So I'm off for now to get some pictures together for updating and then I'm going to get some review work in for my FA deadline. I'll be back on later with some pics to show.

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