Welcome home!

I've had a terrific mail day like everyday this week so far and today I get more incredible handmade fimo cane a TON of it so I'm so ready to play! I also got a bunch of other goodies that I've been looking forward to creating some new pieces with. But more importantly a huge welcome home to Marsha who got to take a nice vacation to visit family , I won't act like I missed her cause we talk on the phone constantly lol! a HUGE thank you to Ron who took care of the site for me while Marsha was away. Thanks for always letting me bug you Ron you're terrific!
So I'm going to go play with my new canes for a bit. I can't wait to use some of my beads in some jewelry. It's been taking me forever to find time to clay since orders take first priority but I'm going to make time tonight! lol! I also got some really awesome lampwork beads in the mail but I've got to check on the artists before I mention the wrong person because I've been going bead buying bonkers lately and I need to try to keep the right beads with the correct artist lol! I can't wait to create something with all my new beads you'll see new pieces with them in the Top Floor collection soon!
Anyhow I'm off to play a bit! Have a great night!


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