Happy Friday everyone! I had a very fun day and the evening turned into a bit of a girls night in. Went over to my parent's for a BIG dinner not BIG in the sense that there were a lot of people but BIG in the sense that there was a lot of terrific food! My mom's good friend Veronica whom we don't get to visit with nearly as much as we'd like stopped in for dinner and it turned into a bit of a girls night in. Veronica travels A LOT all over the world so it's always so much fun to hear her stories and see what goodies she brings. She runs her husbands business, he's an engineer of Lapidary supplies and other metalsmith tools which is fantastic and interesting for me because she always brings cool stuff like tools having to do with jewelry making and creating and is full of all the new info and tool design info like lapidary catalogs and awesome stuff from vendors they get to deal with like from the biggest gem show around I'm talking about the Tucson bead and gem show! So it was a pretty awesome night! It's like getting sneak peeks and insider info so it's quite a treat and then of course she's hilarious and the sweetest person ever so it's always nice to have that type of genuine and good people to surround myself with and do a little bit of gossiping and fun swapping of old stories. Now I'm gearing up for the weekend. I have another shower to attend this Sunday. This time though it's a baby shower! My bestest friend in the entire world since the 4th grade Megan is having her baby shower! We've been talking about how crazy it is that after instantly clicking at the age of 9 and sharing all of the most important events in eachother lives for what seems like almost our entire lives now we're even having babies together! So Sunday is going to be a lot of fun! 17 yrs of untrivial & un conditional friendship is something to be pretty proud of. We had never actual sat down and figure out just how long it's been until now and it sort of left us awe struck lol! When people would ask how long we've been best friends we always simply replied "Since 4th grade." So to finally do the math and say 17yrs it sort of stunned us lol! So anyhow I've got presents to wrap and then one last necklace to do on a bridal order before I can start anything else plus I need to try and dig up pair of pants for sunday that I can actually button lol! Busy weekend but I'll be on to announce the Saturday Giveaway winner and chat a little more later in the weekend. Hope you have a wonderful and fantastic weekend!


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