This week just flew bye! Seems like I say that a lot lately lol! I'm looking forward to a fun weekend. Tomorrow we have my cousins wedding to attend so that should be fun, the wedding took place out of town so it's just the reception. Plus we have a huge list of movies that we want to watch. Top of the list is Napoleon Dynamite, it looks too funny to pass up and everyone I know who's seen it has been raving about it. So tonight I'm finishing up another large bridal party, doing a mother of bride custom, making a few new pieces to add to the spring line to take up to the salon, getting all my completed orders packaged up all pretty and kicking back and watching CSI and yesterday's episode of the OC that I recorded for us (DH & me) to watch later on tonight. Everyone who has requested crystal samples, swatch matches and things of that sort all of those have shipped out this week early on and again yesterday so those are on their way to you and I think I'm going to take the weekend off and start the rest of my orders on Monday, I say that but it never happens that way I usually end up dragging everything out to work on during Desperate Housewives on Sunday night lol! oh well we'll see maybe I will finally take a little break lol! So anyhow I hope you all have a terrific weekend! Enjoy!


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