TGIF! La di Da!

Ok so I didn't make back for that late night chat sorry about that :) I'm going to try and get some sneak peeks up for you this weekend though I think I'll let you see those yummy Chalcedony earrings and maybe even one of my newest Bridal Suite Collection pieces that I'm working on for a custom bridal and it's very very yummy! Some new Bridal Suite bracelets and earrings are coming soon too I'm very excited about it! Also I've been working on some gemstone like, organic polymer pieces as well! I'm really excited about that it's so much fun to create with and fun to experiment with different techniques and then see the finished piece once it's been fired much like Lampworking except I'm actually physically able to handle it and work the designs with my bare hands unlike Lampworking so it's always a craft I've enjoyed coming back to. I think I've pretty much covered every medium there is except PMC I think that may be my next endeavour I have lot's of Lampworker and Polyworker friends that work with PMC as well and the idea that once it's fired at the proper temp. it becomes sterling silver just amazes me! Anyhow I'm on a deadline with some orders so I'm off for now and I'll work on those sneak peeks for you for the weekend. Have a great weekend!


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