Sneak Peek! Bridal Suite

I know I said I was going to try and take a break this weekend but here's a custom Bridal I wanted to show you real quick it's called The Catherine and it's gorgeous Y style cha cha cascadeing crystals that can be customized to any color or crystal or pearl you'd like and it's got great movement there are earrings to match also that can be requested and it's a really elegant and fun design. It's on sterling silver chain and the crystal charms are wire wrapped in sterling silver as well for a nice high quality finish wire wrapping is very time consuming but looks so much more nicer I'm always glad that I take the time to do it on all of my pieces it makes everything looks soooo much nicer and finished. There is another awesome Y style lariat type for another custom bridal as soon as I get started on those I'll post a pic as well. Ok I'm in a rush but wanted to show you real quick but gotta go! I'll try to chat more later or maybe tomorrow! Have a great night!


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