Reality TV anyone? ;)

Ok ok I already know what your thinking! I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to post the sneak peeks last night I will most definitly finally once and for all get those up for you to see tonight. I got sucked into watching reality tv! Which I'm a sucker for except I usually hate watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette except we're totally sucked in this time because a very long time friend Mike is one of the 25 bachelors!!!! So we were quite excited to not only see someone we've known since kindergarten and who has lived literally less than a block away from you for most of your life on television but he also got a rose!!!!!!! woohooo!!!!!! So the sneak peeks slipped my mind because I was very busy yelling at the tv and hootin' and hollerin' until Mike got his rose :) fun stuff! So stay tuned for real this time cause I'll be right back in a few with some sneak peek pics of the yummy chalcedony lace earrings and I think I might give you a peek at another item or two. Be right back!


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