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Ok I'm working on uploading a really cool new piece I've been working on with some pink and green chalcedony so as soon as I get those transferred I'll post it here. Also a quick update on Bead Specials, now there is only 1 set left and I may even keep that one for myself because I really want to make a springy feeling bracelet for myself so we'll see lol! Most of my bead customers know and have known why there's been such a shortage of beads the last several months and for those who don't know it is because I'm pregnant! So in case you are one of the few who haven't emailed me asking where my beads are now you know lol! Since certain types of glass and frits contain lead and mica Lampworking is a BIG NO NO while pregnant. I didn't think my docter would even know what I was talking about if I tried to explain what it was I actually do with the glass but turns out I'm not the only glass artist he's had for a patient so he knew what I was talking about and commended me on being smart enough to do my online research and asking him about it and refraining from my torch. I knew before I even asked that it was something that I didn't want to take a chance on. The first 3 months have flown by I can only imagine how fast the next 6 will go so why chance it. So there's the story behind the bead shortage for those who didn't already know and for those who do I have to say a HUGE thank you for continuing to email me and check in to see how I'm doing and for still giving me your votes! So in the mean time I'm working harder than ever on expanding my Bridal Suite which is what started me out online in the first place and bringing you new and unique gemstone pieces for the fashion line and in the mean time I've been purchasing gorgeous lampwork from other talented artists to ease my own bead craving lol! Be sure to check out my very good friend Julie's website for her gorgeous encased beads she makes perfect pairs which I love, they are terrific for earrings! Krissy from Krissybeads.com is incredible with her original designs as well as Maria from Snozberrybeads.com who makes the coolest sculptural beads. Jay Chantell who's bead designs are very similar in mine in their color choices and more modern designs and for meticulous and queen of floral and color combo's check out Kandice Seeber of Air & Earth Designs her florals and color combo's take the cake. All of these artists and many more that I know I'm leaving out but in my opinion have the best craftsmanship and originality in their designs so it's always fun putting their beads into cool and unique jewelry pieces. ok so a quick chat turned into a blab fest that what I get for being cooped up inside all day lol! Ok so I'll be back on in a bit to post that sneak peek because I doubt I'll be home much tomorrow to do it. Be back soon!


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