Pics as promised

Sorry I didn't end up getting a chance to get back online last night but here is a picture of the Murano glass ring I mentioned yesterday and I also wanted to show you a picture of a GORGEOUS murano glass heart that my good friend Julie from suprised me with when she got back from her month long European trip that she and her husband took for their anniversary! Isn't it gorgeous? And it's HUGE, it's hard to tell from the pic. It's a rubino oro amethyst color with clear and 18kt gold leaf. Yummy! I've worn it so many different ways, I just love it! I've made it into a pendant and worn it on silk cord, leather cord and regular chain to wear as a necklace, I've hooked it on to my key fob for a while and I've worn it on my zipper pulls on my purses for a while too. Now I've re taken it apart and want to make it into a lariat style necklace for the spring time. She also got me glass and gold foiled cubes to match that I made into earrings and will have to dig out of my jewelry box to show you soon. They're not kidding when they say the best glass pieces come from Murano. :) The ring is very bold but suprisingly comfy to wear. My sister has the glass hoop earrings to match! So anyhow hope you enjoyed the show and tell lol! I'm on my way out the door and I'll try to be back on later! Have a great day!


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