monday, monday...

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a terrific weekend! Sorry I didn't make it back on last night it was a very busy weekend and then I got a jewelry emergency phone call for a custom order that needs to be done STAT so I started on that , good thing Desparate Housewives was a re- run lol! I'm going to have to show you all a picture of this incredible bracelet that Marsha made for me for xmas it was a late present because of the move and so I got it this weekend as well as a TON of other fun stuff but this bracelet is soooo cool and I've been getting compliments everywhere I go all weekend long and today! I'll get a pic of it up for you guys later! I LOVE it Marsha you rock sista! This budette is not ever taking it off! You're the sweetest and everytime I look at it I can only imagine your poor blistering wire wrapping fingers. I'll be back with pics in a bit.


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