Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday chatter

Howdy all! how was your weekends? Mine was terrific we got more snow which was pretty nuts but aside from some shopping that had to be done I cozied up in the house working on orders all weekend while watching movies so it was all good:) Tonight I think I'm going to whip up my own cane for some new poly designs. There are some extremely talented polymer artists out there and several of them design and sell cane as well so I've been coming across so many unique and gorgeous and very detailed cane and just going nuts buying. Not only can you find them on ebay but there is an incredible amount of cane makers on the internet. I've have to say I have found prettier cane just doing a search and looking around because there really hasn't been a ton on ebay more loose already fired beads but not uncured raw cane. email me for more info if your interested I have some great links saved!
I've also been really spending a lot ...and I mean a lot of time sketching up new designs and pulling together materials. My Bridal Suite is one of my most favorite aspects of Star Girl Jewelry it's pretty much where it all started and spawned other non formal gemstone designs to be created and eventually my handmade lampwork got incorporated into designs but I really pride myself on the recongnition that Star Girl Jewelry has gained for it's Bridal Suite. This recongnition wouldn't be possible with out the much appreciated referrals I get on a weekly basis from all of my brides so thank you so much you guys! I have HUGE plans for the Bridal Suite for 2005. An even larger array of styles to choose from and other bridal services that are in the works as well. I also feel compelled to gush about how wonderful you all are and how I really appreciate your wonderful emails, orders (of course lol) and all the incredible support I recieve each and every day from your voting for me and my site at Artzee and Top 25! I feel really proud and fortunate to be able to say that I don't think I've EVER dropped below 15 on top 25 and you've always kept me in the well in the top 10 on Artzee. Month after month I notice this and I hope the support only increases in 2005. You guys leave me awe! Thank you so much! I've got a new giveaway picture that will be up soon and the next drawing will be Jan. 29th and also look for some even yummier giveaways in 2005 I wish I could give away something to everyone all the time but that kinda takes the fun out of it instead I'm uping the ante so to speak and going to give away more bracelets and necklaces instead of just earrings all the time. Anyhow I'm off for now but those sneek peeks I've been promising will be up in a bit, I'm just getting the pictures loaded and transfered and cropped and all that good stuff so stay tuned!
PS. I may even show you one of my latest new bridal pieces!

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