Laughing out loud!

Too funny! I finally had the chance to sit down and read throughly through the blog and the captions on the pictures of Murano on Corina's site before I just drooled and got nostalgic over the pictures anyhow, I had to laugh at the story about the glass rings and how someone sued because her ring broke and cut her finger. Well Duh! Glass is glass what do you expect? I really wonder if that is a true story or a "urban legend" to lampworkers because that would be the dumbest lawsuit ever I have to say if I was the judge I'd laugh my head off, lol! I have a gorgeous Murano glass ring that my parents brought back from their last trip this past summer and I love it and have to agree with Corina who said she loves her's so much she hasn't taken it off and she's got all 10 fingers so she's willing to risk it lol! She's posted some terrific pictures of some of the rings too! I'll have to post a pic of mine later on so you can see what we're talking about and what they look like. Ok just had to share that because I've been sitting here laughing for about 5 mins. now :)
More later!


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