home sweet home!

The bridal shower was terrific but man I'm glad to be home, I got up early this morning and for me when a day calls for leaving home early and returning late even if I'm not running all over the place or doing alot of running around by the time I get home it always just feels good to be home lol! So it got too late for a sneak peek last night and I got sucked into watching Sex and the City season 6 on DVD ALL day and night just about because it was due back today so we had a Sex and the City marathon of sorts lol! It was terrific! So just wanted to say I'm going to try and get a sneak peek in for you later this evening but for now I'm sneaking off to grab a bite to eat first :) Chat more in a bit! (Ooohhh I'm looking forward to Desparate Housewives tonight! I'll try to get the sneak peek worked in around it so as not to disturb you or me from such a juicy show lol!


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