freezing over here!

I forced myself into the freezing cold and made a run to the post office. So lot's of orders are on their way and headed for a mailbox near you lol! PS. MARSHA, "THE BOX" IS ON IT'S WAY! I repeat Elvis has left the building! Our boxes are probably crossing paths.
Ok anyhow, I've got nothing jewelry related to speak of today oh wait scratch that I'm still working Bridal Orders and some custom jewelry orders and another Mother of the Bride order and chatting back and forth with Marsha while we work on updates on the site. SOLD OUT's are getting cleared out for new inventory, recent SOLDS are going up to avoid confusion and soon new pieces will start popping up here and there. Finally getting some updating on my Lampwork gallery, Links, About me, scrapbooks and a couple of other areas that are also getting some much needed updates so those chances will start trickling in so check back often if your interested and that's all on the jewelry front for today. So I'm heading back to get some work done, to stay warm, to enjoy Beverly Hills 90210 on Soap net (No joke! everyday at 5 god bless them!) and now I'm going to go enjoy some dinner. Maybe I'll have something more exciting to blog about later! OOOOhhhh maybe even a sneak peek!


wobbeegone said…
Insert Homer Simpson drooling sound...The Box. Oooooohhhh.
Star*Girl said…
ya think mine will get here tomorrow, really? So your for sure Saturday but who knows the postal service in sippi seems to be much faster and on their toes than in FL. :) I wonder if larry is having a miserable b day yet? Hey also before I forget remind me I have pictures to send you of that one thing.
wobbeegone said…
you also need to get me pictures of the three bridal emails you sent but left out pics of.
lila, liz, jada, lola, chalchedony lace, audrey, sarah & catherine.

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