Back to the grind

Hey everyone! Hope you all are recovered from New Years I think I finally am! lol! We had a terrific New Years. Fun & exhausting and then spent the rest of the weekend just vegging out...well I did at least...Joe on the other hand decided to take over my upstairs bathroom project and I woke up from a nap to find it all pretty and painted and boardered with the pretty paint and boarder I picked out! It look terrific but it's not quite finished, there's still some framing to do on the faux skylights/window boxes and then I can start pretty-ing it up with wall hangings and my pretty rug and towels and froo froo stuff :) So what have I been doing besides napping and watching DH do all the work? well I've been swamped in Bridal orders which are my most favorite because it's always something different because it's all custom work and its my favorite to work on so it's been stinking from paint and cold from needing windows open up in the studio so I've set up shop in the living room cozied up with my bead bins and watching CSI and stringing crystals into beautiful bridal jewelry. I've been on the hunt for lot's of new goodies too. Unique and rare one of a kind pieces of goodies because I've got so many new ideas for designs to try out for new pieces for Top Floor Limited and I'm so excited about it. It is the coolest feeling in the world to find such treasures and vintage pieces that inspire new designs I think that just might have to be my most favorite part of creating the new Top Floor collection because the possibilities are never ending and I get to play and hunt down new treasures to use, it really get's my creative juices going that's for sure. So anyhow CSI back to back is on and they didn't play them all last week for some odd and annoying reason so I'm ganna get back to work and back to watching lol!
Have a great evening!

PS. I have a incredibly awesomely gorgeous new pair of earrings that I've been playing around with and I think are really just so cool so I'll try to get a sneak peek up for you to see soon!


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