And the winner is....

Congratulations to Janet M. she is the winner of the Saturday giveaway contest! I'll have the new contest up shortly. This next drawing will be held Sat. Feb 12th and I have a yummy pair of Floral Gardens Chandelier earrings up for grabs. This is the perfect earring to get you ready for spring with it's gorgeous Blue Zircon Swarovski crystals and Balinese sterling silver accents the color is awesome. I'll have that up shortly for you to see. Thank you to everyone for voting and I hope you will all continue to vote I REALLY appreciate it and have to say a BIG thank you because 99.9% of the votes this time around came daily from the same devoted voters and customers and I really, really thank you all for all the nice emails and constant support and compliments. Sorry it took so long for me to pull a name it's been a busy weekend, I'll chat more about that later on but I'm off for now to grab some dinner and play around with some new goodies I got in the mail yesterday. Lot's and I mean LOTS of new gemstones, faceted, yummy colors, terrific poly clay amazing beads from my dear and talented friend Sherry Mckinney from A Bead Expression who makes the most amazing beads and I'm SOOOOOOO excited to have a bunch of her new creations to add to my designs. You can find a new piece in the Top Floor Limited Collection with a stunning pendant she created! Anyhow I'll be back on later to chat more!


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