Xmas party pics

As promised here are some fun pics from the xmas party this weekend! Every year we get a special guest...a belly dancer! She is super gorgeous, nice, fun and very patient because she goes around encouraging everyone to get up and dance with her and she tries to teach us all some new moves lol! It's so much fun!

Here's me trying to learn some new moves :)

Here's my adorable little brother Frankie!

Here's me and Joe. Joe of course showing off for the camera lol!

And here is a pic of my little Jasmina kitty who managed to get herself lodged in some boxes in my craft closet. Luckily I heard her because she really needed rescueing :) It's alot easy to get in that to get out lol!


wobbeegone said…
Joe you look like a punk, grab a razor dude.
Star*Girl said…
he says your so mean to him Marsha Martian.
wobbeegone said…
am not, i snare becuz i care.

reallly not sure what snare is but it's the only thing i could rhyme with care.
you think i'm mean, show him my emails!

hey should he be working?
Star*Girl said…
He says he feel for ya. Those emails are a bit on the fruity edge of needing a straight jacket. Snare...hmmmm thesaurus anyone? I'm ganna have to check into that one it does rhyme quite nicely however. Nope on the work front for Joe joe the Holidays have begun!
wobbeegone said…
yippie! joe's home joe's home.
why dint ya answer yer phone then!
been trying to call ya all afternoon long to tell u about the top floor graphic!
did u tell him about what i said about the long distance service?

oh and i think larry is hiding in cancun this week far away from obligitory Christmas merriment. in other words he's off being a grinch, yet warm at the same time.
i need to email him.

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